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April 28, 2019

   “I AM with you.  I live, and you live.  We live forever.  At the present time I ask that you feel My presence with you, for I come to bring you support and comfort, during your time upon Earth.  When you believe I AM with you in Spirit as you walk, then The Way you walk becomes the path back Home, and you fully live the Earth experience, carrying the wisdom of Heaven with you, because I AM with you.          


   “How do you believe I was able to perform miracles while I was upon Earth?  The miracles were a reflection of the glory of God upon Earth.  But, how was I able to perform these miracles?  How could I say that you too can perform such miracles, and even greater things?  The answer is that God was and is within Me; and yes, God is within you too.  Therefore, it is possible for God to work great miracles through you, just as God worked great miracles through Me.  The miracles performed were for the glory of God, so that the glory of God might shine upon the Earth, so that others would know the glory of God through all I did do.

   “These following words were an important sign, a key to how I worked miracles, and how you too can work miracles for the glory of God, ‘I AM in My Father, and you are in Me, and I AM in you.’  Take these words into your heart, and know them, for they will lead you into a new life of understanding how the will of God can work through you to accomplish great good, showing the glory of God, while you are upon the Earth.  There is much truth and wisdom held in these few words.  Pray that The Holy Spirit will lead you into even more truth, and a deeper understanding, regarding these words.

   “Today you go forth into the world, and it is a magnificent opportunity to live as if you know God is truly within you, at the core of your being.  No matter how dismal or challenging the day set before you might appear, God is within you, whispering, guiding, prompting you toward the light.  If you believe God is within you, then you will know there is nothing God cannot do through you.  Today, seize the opportunity to be the reflection of the glory of God upon Earth.  Miracles await those who believe God dwells within them.”