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April 28, 2020



      Today, I give you guidance and instruction on how to make sure that you achieve the goal to grow and use your spiritual gifts every day.  And it is this.  When you begin each day, state clearly, aloud, that which you intend to do that day.  And I am not addressing house chores, and work tasks, games, or any other such pursuit.  When you begin the day, what do you feel, what would you like to do, spiritually, that day?  So, if you would like to seek joy and happiness, say it aloud.  If you would like to be a bringer of light that day, say it aloud.  If your intention is to forgive, say it aloud.  Make the commitment, and then move into the day, because once you make that commitment, the opportunities will flow to you, and you will begin to recognize that which comes to you as the opportunity for you to do exactly what you had hoped you could do.  Pay attention, that is how it happens, and go forth this day, and do.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every day you have another opportunity.  It is another link in the long, long, unending chain of your eternal life.  Each link securely attached to the one before and the one ahead of it, perfectly placed for each portion of your eternal life.  Today, you have the opportunity to create within the link of this day, doing that which you would want to do.  Make the commitment.  Decide that which is going to receive your focus for this day, recognize the opportunities that come your way, and do, so that The Glory of God might be known upon the Earth through you.