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April 28, 2021



      All creation continues, moving in eternity, traversing unknown, and unnamed, hallways of forever.  And, you are held, within the flow of the creation, a being of eternal nature.  Therefore, you are an eternal being, destined to live forever.  When said, or read, this is accepted, rather easily; however, when questioned, it begins to fray, with each inquiry.  This happens because the inquisitor is attempting to seal the spiritual into the boundaries of the material.  It will not work.  The spiritual is unlimited and vast.  The material is limited, and confined.  You are unlimited and vast, but you can choose to be limited and confined.  Once you embrace the spiritual, you will no longer be limited.  You will be a material being, embracing your primary spiritual being, and your experience, of this portion of your eternal life, will be as unlimited as all eternity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once you embrace love, you come to know the unfathomable power of the energy of love.  Once you embrace Me, you come to know the unfathomable power of My love for thee.