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April 29, 2020


      When you become tired, and weary, and deflated in all ways, yet you know there are others counting upon you to provide courage and strength, to be the well of their comfort and trust, do not be tempted to be dismayed, or frustrated, in any way.  When this happens to you, be still, sit with Me, close your eyes, and envision this.  See yourself as a big pond, in a clearing, surrounded by trees.  And see yourself as a pond that is drying up; but then, comes the gentle rain from above, filling the body of your pond with fresh, clean water.  Feel it flowing into you, fulfilling you, filling you with life sustaining water.  And then, as you are filled with the water from above, look and see, all around you, the animals and the birds of the forest, leaving the trees, and coming to the edge of your pond, of your body of water, to drink from it, to have their thirst quenched from within it.  This will happen every time.  I will fill you with the waters of life.  So, when you feel weary, or tired, or worn, do not keep going so that the layers of your pond become cracked and dust ridden.  Be still and open your body to the life-giving waters I send to you, and you will be filled, and you will be fulfilled, and all will see and gain life from that which I gave to thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is always an answer.  There is always an answer, coming from God.  And these answers, to your questions, will fill you with wisdom and light; but to be filled with the wisdom and light, you must be still and quiet so you can be fulfilled.  It is a promise.  You shall have all you need; but for you to have all you need you must be still and receive that which is coming to you.  Today, see yourself as that pond, see yourself filled with the waters of life, see yourself fulfilled.