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April 29, 2021


      Do not diminish who you are, or that which you have, in any way.  It is often the case, that the familiar often is believed to be of lesser value, than it truly is.  If you do not cherish, and value, who you are, and that which you have, then, why should others value, who you are, and that which you have?  Create an atmosphere, and environment, in which you cherish, and value, your worth, and you cherish, and value, the worth of The Gifts you have been given.  When you know who you are, and the value of who you are, and when you know The Gifts you have been given, and the value of The Gifts you have been given, then others, too, will value you, and that which you have.  It is that simple.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are eating a fine meal, you take for granted, that particular meal.  Oh, you enjoy the tastes, you enjoy the texture, even the aroma.  But often, you do not value that, which is with you.  Your sights are always set some place else, on another meal, in another place.  Apply this to everything, and begin to look at what you are doing, what you are experiencing, what is occurring, in the present, and have gratitude for the experience of it.  Take the time to be thankful for that, which is with you, right now.  For the parent, who might be a bit tired, and weary, as the children run around, and laugh, or cry, and are hungry, or dirty, and require some attention, one day, they will be gone.  There will be no more dirt on the floor, or fingerprints on the wall, or voices ringing, up and down the hall.  It will be quiet because it is another time.  And a piece of you will long for, a moment, when they were there, in the present.  If you make it your habit, if you make it your course of action, to value, and treasure, and be thankful for, the present, then you will always live in the present, and enjoy it to the ultimate experience.  And because you have had that ultimate experience, it is easier to let it go, and move to the next.  Stand in the present, and be in the present, and value the present, including yourself.  Treasure what you have, now.  Hold what you have, now.  The worth, of you, cannot be measured.  The worth, of your Gifts, cannot be measured.  But you can experience, for yourself, what is happening in the now, and you can use your Gifts in the now.  Let the now, the present, be all that is, so that you are fully prepared for tomorrow.