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April 3, 2020



      When you find yourself living in times which are trying, challenging, be mindful to stay connected with Me.  Make sure that you are connected to Earth and connected with Me, so that you are flowing within you, one to the other, so that, that which is upon the Earth is being blessed, and healed, and loved with that which is of Heaven.  The combination of the two within you brings a blessing, brings joy and happiness, no matter what is happening around you, because the blessings from Heaven give you the courage and the strength to move through every time of testing, and trial, and challenge.  If you do not stay connected with Me, you are opening the door to a possibility  that, that which is challenging you soon becomes a threat to you, and The Way of life you have come to know.  And, once this challenge becomes a threat within your thoughts, then shadow begins to creep-in where there had once been light.  No matter what is happening in the world around you today, My child, focus on Me.  Sit with Me, and I will give you courage and strength to meet the test, to overcome the trial, to make your way through the challenge.  And on the other side, you will look back, before you move forward, and hold gratitude within you, for you know your strength and courage by what you just walked through.  Walk with Me, and I will remind you how strong you can be when you stay connected with Earth and Heaven, creating a new energy within thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you hear whispers within you, tempting you to fear, or worry, or concern, know that these whispers are not coming from God.  When you realize that, stop.  Fear is not a heavenly product, nor is worry or concern, for your faith in eternal life should carry you through these things; but for, the spirits of darkness and shadow who long to taste of your light, who long to dine on your joy, who long to rest their head upon the pillow of your peace.  Do not be duped into giving your energy to supporting darkness and shadow.  Live fully, and completely, and with great joy in eternal life.  Your life has no end.  Every piece of your life, your eternal life, is a bit of the story of your eternal life; but, it is not the end.  Stay connected with God today, and you will be reminded of your courage, and strength, and heritage, and your destiny, for your destiny is to live forever within The Love and The Light of God.