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April 3, 2021



      Know Me, not from what others tell you, about Me, not from sentences, or paragraphs, you have memorized, about Me, not from pictures and paintings, by others, showing how they would depict Me.  I wish for you to know Me, and think about how you know individuals, around you.  You know them, by their presence.  You know them by their voice.  You know them, by the things that they do.  You can tell the creator’s touch, in what they create.  The creation always bears the mark of the creator.  You bear My mark, for I did create thee.  But rather than, reading a book, or watching a movie, or listening to conversation, today, go outside, because Earth, too, is My creation.  And all that springs forth, from Earth, bears My mark, is a sign, carries a lesson, for you.  See, and know Me, better.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The observer, of nature, soon knows that life continues.  It grows.  If you watch a tree, limbs bare, begin to bud, in the springtime air, you will see, it begins again.  From the barest of branches come the buds of spring, and the buds open, and blossom, and soon the leaves, gently unfold.  And the tree is soon filled with the leaves, so bold in their color, so filled with life.  This tree, of life, can teach you much.  Do not be in a hurry.  Do not be quick to make decisions, or judgments.  Permit yourself to bud, and blossom, and unfold, in The Light of God.