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April 30, 2020


      In times of chaos and confusion, worry, and fear the number of voices raised in prayer increase(s) greatly, as trouble seems to move closer and closer, inundating your very home.  Most often the prayers, raised in times such as these, are a litany of lack, and anger, and fear, and doubt.  When you are tempted to begin to pray, listing all the things that are wrong in the world that you are living-in today, listing all of the things that you need and do not have, be still, and know: I see these things; I know these things.  I know everything that is happening.  I feel your terror, sometimes horror, fear, because we are one.  Now, if I can feel your terror, and horror, and fear you too can feel My tenderness, compassion, and love.  But while you are sending out the songs of worry, it is difficult for you to hear My song of peace to you.  Therefore, as you pray, make some time, during the day, to just go sit alone, and be still.  Do not even think of the things that worry you, just open your heart so that you might hear My song of love for you.  Prayer does not go one way, it is not a corridor marked, “this way only.”  It is a huge avenue, and when you are within that avenue, you feel the grace and the blessings that I send to you.  Be still today and hear Me.  Receive My song of love for you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you expect to receive guidance and direction from God, be quiet.  You cannot hear when you are filled with chaos and confusion.  It is like: everyone calling-out at the same time, all running wildly, in a house on fire, all calling-out, “the door is this way, or here or there,” until one rises-up and says, “Quiet.  Everyone be still.  The door is here.  Follow Me.”  Take yourself out of the chaos and confusion.  Be still and follow Me.