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April 30, 2021


      Change the way you look at things.  Change your perspective on what you see.  Do these two things, and you will change, your life, for the better.  Turn your head from the horror, and terror, and chaos, and confusion, and look for, so that you might see, the beauty, the good, the brilliant, joyful Glory, that is around thee.  For you hear it said, often, “for The Glory of God.”  But, do you know, what it means?  The Glory of God, shines, all about you.  The Glory of God is all about you.  It is not for Me.  It is for thee.  My Glory is yours.  Open to it, and be enfolded within it, and you will see, what The Glory of God is all about.  The Glory of God is in living a life, that is filled with Heaven, moved onto the Earth, not the other way around.  So today, look for the brilliant, Glory all around you.  Do not see the trampled.  See the small flowers, pushing their way, through obstacles, reaching for the sun.  See the laughter, and smiles.  Hear them.  See them.  Know them.  For, in laughter, and in the smile, you will find My Glory.  Do, all that you do, for The Glory of God, as they say, understanding that My Glory is shared with you.  My Glory is your story, and My story, and the story of creation, and all that can be done: when you turn your face to Me; when you see the rising sun; when you recognize The Wisdom of Heaven, whispered, from within you.  My child, you are My Glory, you are My Light.  Your story is My story.  Let your story be of The Glory of God.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let the radiance, of The Glory of God, lift you up, and shine through you, so all might see, what God will do, through you, and all, who desire, to know the fulfillment, of The Glory of God, upon Earth.  It is with you.  Embrace it.


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