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April 4, 2019

God SpeaksThe world around you will attempt to lead you,
and guide you, to influence you on: what to think
and  how  to  think;  what is morally acceptable, and
what is not; what is acceptable attire, and what is not;
what is acceptable food and behavior, and what is not.
Resist the temptation to follow!  You have a compass
within you: it is yours, it is Mine, It will guide you
in the right direction, every time, if you will
close your eyes, and seek the guid-
ance from within.  Your
will not lead you
astray.  Your inner-
compass will show you
The Way!  And The Holy Spirit
says: The world around you can be fickle,
changing often according to the whims of one
person, or a few people, or the demands of many,
and along with these whims,  rules change,  science
changes.  Everything flips back and forth; but, you can
count on your inner-compass  to bring you forth,  out of
any shadow, or darkness, into the light.   Stay connected
with your inner-compass; it will always show you The Way.