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April 4, 2020



      True joy, bliss, and happiness are yours when you are within My Light, held within My Love, when My Light is completely with you, when My Love enfolds you.  When you become distracted, by the things of the world, you are inched from the Light, your focus becomes on material things.  And this distraction lessens the Light, reduces the Love you feel, not because My Love is not real, and not because My Light is not real, but because you have placed something between My Light and Love and you.  Your focus has been altered.  To achieve the ultimate joy, and bliss, and happiness refocus, change your perspective.  Let the goal be within My Light, let the goal be within My Love.  Soon you will see, from this exercise, where happiness, joy, and bliss can be found.  My child, it is with Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be mindful where you are focusing your attention.  It is possible to go to work every day, but not make work your goal.  In fact, it is possible to go to work every day and bless all the work you do with the Love and the Light of God, flowing through you.  In that way, your work does not take away from God, it is embellished and enlightened by the Love of God and the Light of God.  And the same holds true for everything, even your relationships, loving relationships.  When you bless that relationship with My Love and My Light then it goes beyond an earthly delight into something sacred and divine.  Do not make your loving relationship the goal.  Make the goal to bless your relationship with the Light and the Love of God, and then watch it unfold as a piece of God upon Earth.  Refocus and you will gain happiness, joy, and live your life blissfully upon the Earth.