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April 4, 2021



      Earth began as The Garden.  And it is possible for you to walk in that Garden, and talk, with Me, every day.  The ways of the world will tell you, it is impossible for you to love everyone.  I tell you, go into The Garden, that is within you, and love, because in that Garden, within you, it is all possible, and all things begin, within you.  I sent unto each of you, The Holy Spirit: to reign, within you; to reign, with The Wisdom of Heaven; to provide, answers to all your questions; to whisper, “It is possible,” when the world says, “It is not possible.”  The world cannot trample your Garden, within.  It cannot cease the loving, within.  The world cannot invade, within.  And that is where you will find My Kingdom, within you.  The world, will not understand, and will tell you, it is impossible: to be compassionate to all; to be understanding to all; to be respectful and honor all; to love in the face of hate; to forgive in the face of torture.  Today, visit that Garden, within.

 And The Holy Spirit says: