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April 4, 2021



      “I AM with you.  And it is good to be with you.  It is good to communicate with you.  It is good to see your light.  I reach-out, and say, here, take My hand, and together we will walk through this day.  No matter what you must do, or say, we shall be together, this day, and you can do, all that is before you.  But I whisper, it will be easier, if you walk with Me.                                                             


      “When I came to Earth, I knew My mission.  I was to bring a message.  I was to sound the call, to speak the words, that would settle upon the ears, of those, who would follow Me, and be embraced.  And this did happen.  Sometimes, I AM referred to as The Shepherd, and those, who follow Me, as the flock.  But it is more.  Those who know about flocks of sheep and shepherds, understand this, to a deeper level.  The sheep know the voice of the shepherd.  The sheep know the presence of the shepherd.  In fact, the sheep look for the shepherd, and look to the shepherd for leadership.  The shepherd does not go out and corral new sheep, to force them into submission.  No, the sheep are already waiting, for the shepherd, and they see, and recognize, the shepherd, because they know the voice, they know the words, they know the presence.  And, when they hear the words, they embrace the words, and follow.  It is not a blind following.  It is the ultimate search, ended, when the shepherd, is found.  That part of the story is, most assuredly, left out, often, speaking of the shepherd, going out to save the sheep, and this is true.  For, I will walk, amongst you, to touch the one, who is lost.  But, even in being lost, that person knows My Voice, has been looking for Me, and trusting, that they would find Me.  And, in the darkest of hours, there is My hand, and The Words fall upon the ear, of the lost, and are embraced, because they have been searching, seeking, for Me.

       “So many messages, were carried to Earth, before My earthly birth.  And they were written down.  And people followed these messages, as best they could.  But there was a message, that was misunderstood.  And it had to do with love, on a higher love.  Love that just is, of itself, an energy, which cannot be contained.  It is the most powerful of energies, period, not just on Earth, but in all eternity.  This love, that just is, in its being, creates.  And that, which is created, by love, comes from The Source of Love, therefore, knows the unconditional love. 

      “This message of love had to be delivered.  But it was quite obvious that, human beings were finding it difficult to read, into that, which they had already received, direction to love everyone, even your enemies.  It had to be clarified.  Many daily activities had to be identified, and then connected with God, and The Ways of God.  It was all new.  It was a different way of living, upon Earth.  It was living upon Earth, knowing that Heaven is within you.  Heaven is with you, and you are living eternity now.  Eternity does not begin when your body’s life ends.  You are living it now.  And, for those of you, who know this, you can do all that I did, and even more.  But first, you must embrace the eternal you.  You must be connected with God.  You must understand, the energies, the eternal energies, that spark creation, in a continuation of light, moving through all time.  You must reject darkness and shadow.  You do not have to walk through darkness and shadow to know The Light.  The Light is meant to be with you, within you.  You are The Light, and you are a child of God.  I came to show these things, to reinforce these things, and to speak The Words of Our Father, so that those, whose ears were open, and ready, to hear the call, would hear, and rejoice, and follow, so they might hear more.  I did not come to Earth to condemn those, that some said were doing wrong here, and there.  I came to be a Light unto the world, to illuminate all, so you could see, and know.

      “The last acts, My last hours, on Earth, ultimate.  How else, can you bring a lesson, stronger, than by living the lesson, in front of those, you hope will hear.  You must forgive, in the face of being tortured.  You must forgive, in the face of being lied to, and about.  You must forgive, when you are humiliated.  You must forgive, period.  Nothing can say it stronger than the cross.  It was the ultimate shame and punishment.  It was a sign of judgment, that you had wronged society, and must pay.  There could be no greater stage, than to show the importance of forgiveness.  And, when it was done, to show those, who believed, that death, of the body, does not end your eternal life.  I rose-up, so you too, will rise-up.  I walked over the Earth, with My body of Light, and you too will wear this body of Light, so all can see.  Everything I did, I did so you would not misinterpret the words.  The messages of the past, might have been misunderstood.  But this message could not be misunderstood.  There was The Coming.  There was The Life.  There was The Teaching.  There was punishment, and pain, and rejection.  There was forgiveness, and Resurrection.  In the story, it is a story of life, eternal life.

      “Do not be afraid.  The end of the body is the end of a chapter, a piece, of your eternal life.  And it is important to live it well.  Do good deeds, be kind, be loving, because you are leaving a mark, upon all time.  Before you change, as the butterfly comes from the caterpillar, and fly, into eternity, leaving the body, that crawled the Earth, to soar with the angels, a new birth, a rebirth.  Come, follow Me.”