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April 5, 2019



God SpeaksThere will come a day when you realize how exhausting life on Earth can be
when you cling to the insults,  and injuries,  and wounds of the past,  and
carry them with you,  wherever you go.   On that day,  you will rise-up,
and say,  I forgive these things, I forgive this person,  these people.
I forgive all,  so that I might be free!   And in this light,  this rev-
elation, you will fly, you will sing!  And The Holy Spirit says:
It is easy to get used to carrying a load; in fact, you do
not even recognize how heavy the burden might be,
until you set down a piece of it, maybe one, or two, or
three; and then, you realize: your stride is quick, and long;
your whistle is free, it is more like the song of a bird; and then, you
stop, and you set more down, and soon, you look around to see, you have
rid you
rself, of all that was a burden to thee!  Forgiveness is the road to freedom!