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April 5, 2020



      Do not place your trust in, or seek support from, those around you, in the world created by man, for no matter how much they love you, or are devoted to you and your plan, it is possible for them to turn from you, leave your side, at the moments when you most need support, when you need their trust.  Place your trust in Me, seek support from Me, I will not leave thee.  Even when those of the world turn from you, I will be with you.  If I ask you to rise-up, and bless you with the honor of a mission upon Earth, I will support you until it is done, until it is accomplished.  Do not let your soul be weary.  When those who you wish would support you, desert you, or even reject you, let your vision come within you at those times.  Within you will see with clarity.  Within is where you seek support, place your trust, for I AM there.  And, once your mission is accomplished, all will see what you did through the support I gave to thee.  Do not expect another to have your measure of faith.  Be an inspiration to others by exhibiting your measure of faith in all you think, and do, and say.  Place your trust, and seek support, in Me, and from Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Even if a great mass of people are yearning for the exact same thing, as they approach that unique place, they cannot all enter together.  There must be those who take the first step into realization of that which is sought by so many.  There must be the first-goers.  And, as the first ones step into the place of recognition, of knowing, of achieving, others will see, and follow quickly, and it will be accomplished.  If you are called to be one of the first, it will require faith, and courage, and strength to do that which is asked of you.  Do not seek support from those around you, for you see they are standing in your place, as well.  Seek support from God, who will guide you, and lead you, to The Well of Wisdom in The Place of Enlightenment, and give you courage and strength to do so, to make the journey, to complete the mission.