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April 5, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you all of the time, for We do not withdraw, We stay fixed and constant, so that you might find sanctuary, and peace, support; and, We will not waver or depart from you.  Your very thought, your every prayer, is a greeting, and We are there.  We listen, and We know.  Held within this Promise of Presence with you is divine and eternal love, which will support you, and provide the courage and the strength you need to complete your mission and come Home.  I AM with you.


       “Today, let us touch upon the topics: of support; of trust; of love, friendship.  Most of you have people around you, and the people around you are often classified, in your thoughts, as family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers.  And, this is normal, this is how most of you see those around you.  You draw your loved ones near to you, and you support them in what they are trying to accomplish.  You do the same for your friends.  But, if you have lived more than thirty or forty years, you have found that there are times when those around you will cheer-on your victories, applaud your accomplishments, dine with you and exchange love for all you do, and this feels good.  This energy of support, coming to you, actually encourages additional growth from you.  This support and this love nurtures that seed within you.  And, when you could have faltered you do not, you continue to achieve and accomplish, because of the support that is given to you.  But then, you will find, as you have reached the age of over thirty or forty, that the same ones who have given their love, and support, and encouragement, can turn from you, can reject you, can disappear from view, when difficulties arise, or challenges are placed in front of you, when the rains move-in and the sun is no longer shining.  This does not mean they do not love you.  It means that fear, or doubt, or worry, or concern has ensnared them, and pulled them from you.  I know, for one day I was hailed, and cheered, and acknowledged as The Messiah.  The crowds lined The Way, separated to create a path.  Many laid-down their cloaks, and palms, to celebrate My entry into their lives, and into their city, when only days later, the chant, the cry, going-up from the people, would be, ‘Crucify Him’.  That is how quickly events upon the Earth can change.

        “I say this to you today so you will know: there is a constant place, a well so deep it will never run dry; there is a place where every tear in your eye will be dried by the hand of God, every desire will be met, and support will be given to you by the hand of God.  God will support you in your mission, because God has given you the mission, and God has given you the gifts, and the tools, and the courage to complete the mission.  So, if you find yourself in a place where others turn from you, and leave you standing alone to complete your mission, open the door and go within, and sit with God, and you will be given strength, and courage, and the desire to rise-up and complete the mission, feeling the hand of God on your shoulder.  It will be at that time that you realize your measure of faith is leading you: to take the first step into a place where others have not gone before; to demonstrate what others have not done before; to elevate to a place of divine experience upon Earth that others have not known before.  Do not be afraid.  The hand of God is upon you, My whisper can be heard within you, and The Holy Spirit of God will lift you up, upon golden wings, and you will fly.  But, these things are not easily done, when you place your faith in the world created by man.  These things shall happen, and will be done, when you place your faith in The Creator of All Things, and let it stay there until you are Home.”