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April 5, 2021



      There is much for you to see, in the River of Life.  It is exhilarating, and exciting: sometimes, peacefully floating; other times, riding with the waves, that have come from The Wind, lifting the water, up into the air.  There you are, you and the river.  It will take you around the bend, to places you have never been, before.  So, do not take root on the bank, watching The River of Life go by.  Rise-up, and run to the river, and jump in.  And there you will see, all you need to see, from the safety of the arms of the river.  Come.  Jump in the river, and go on the adventure of a lifetime, with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It can be fun, watching a parade to by, marching bands, floats, dignitaries, waving from cars. You get to see it all, as it moves passed you.  But, if the opportunity ever presents itself, volunteer, rise-up, and get in the parade.  Ride a float, sit in a car, march in a band.  Take part in The Parade of Life.  Do not get complacent, watching it go by.  Be part of The Parade of Life.  And then, you see, all there is to see, waving, as you march, as you ride, as you wave.  Today, if you have rooted yourself in one position, yet your heart is longing to see, what is around the bend: come, jump into The River of Life; come, take part in The Parade of Life.  Do not let anything pass you by, today.  Come, celebrate life, with Me.