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April 7, 2020



      As it is with great adventures, journeys, the trip begins with planning and preparation.  And, this is the way your mission begins, with planning and preparation: for setting your course; for sitting quietly in prayer for guidance and direction.  A great adventure, an exciting journey, is not a point of excitement from the beginning to the end.  It comes in segments, and this is how your mission unfolds.  Preparation is the beginning, and then practice fills in all the “betweens,” as occasionally there will be great events, and then it is back to normal, practice, prayer, practice, prayer, until the great event comes again.  It is the same with any great novel, or a movie, or an epic poem, or a story told, and passed down from generation to generation.  There are peaceful intervals, there are intervals of preparation, of rest.  Therefore, I encourage you today to do a few things, which will always prepare you for that which is to come.  Let the spaces of your mission, those times when you think nothing is happening, be filled with kindness and consideration, and compassion.  In other words, be kind to one another, love one another, and monitor your thoughts, and your words, and your deeds so that you cast from you any energy that is not of light.  Prepare yourself, every day, in this way so that when the great event comes, you are prepared, you are ready, you are clear and clean, you can hear My words and My direction coming to you.  Every one of you has a mission.  Every one of you has a mission that is appropriate for you.  When it is not one of the highlights of your mission, spend the time you are given in preparation.  And, let the preparation be kindness and love, rest and recuperation.  Be at peace this day, and prepare yourselves for whatever comes your way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are preparing to take a great trip, a trip of a lifetime, something you have been planning for most of your lifetime to do, it is comprised of many parts.  You save for the trip, you read about the country you are going to visit, the places you are going to see.  You plan how you are going to take the trip, and what cities and towns you are going to visit.  And, when you have enough money saved-up, and when you have set a course, marked a map, where to go, where to stay, you begin to pack.  You pack a suitcase, appropriately, so you are not carrying heavy luggage, but you are light and ready for the road ahead.  You purchase tickets, you plan.  The day comes that you go on this trip, and you make the trip and it is wonderful.  You come back home, and you begin unpacking your bags, washing your clothes, putting all your memories and photographs in an album, getting back to normal.  You see, most of that great adventure was not spent on the great adventure.  It was spent in preparation so that the great adventure might unfold as you had hoped it would unfold.  Take these words of wisdom and apply them to your everyday life, because there is a great event, or maybe even two, or three, or five, held within the mission that is yours.  And, these great events will unfold as they come to you, when it is time for them to come to you.  And, how easily they unfold all depends on the preparation.  Prepare every day, be vigilant every day, then you will be ready for whatever comes your way.  The great adventure of your lifetime is unfolding.  Most of it is preparation.  Prepare and be ready for your time will come.


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