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April 8, 2021



      Be mindful of how you speak to, or about, others.  Guard your words carefully, so that you do not fall into a routine, or a habit, of belittling, insulting, or mocking others.  Hold your words, until you can say, something good, to another, or about another.  Do not let your discourse, about another, or others, take a negative turn.  What you say to, or about, others, says a lot about you, and who you are.  There is no person, so important, that it does not matter what you say to them, or about them.  What you say magnifies the matter at hand, as your words are repeated in a chain of conversation.  Look for the good, for it is there, and can be found, by those who seek it.  Let your words be of inspiration rather than condemnation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       That which you say to another is significant.  When you speak, let your words be of encouragement.  Let your words support others, in their efforts, to do what others say, or might say, is impossible to do.  Be a beacon of light, illuminating darkness and shadow.  Be kind.  Be supportive.  Be encouraging.  When you speak about another, let your words hold kindness, and charity, and support.  Let this be, then, how others will think of thee, that the words you spoke, were good, that you did not bring the darkness, you were the bringer of light.