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April 9, 2020



      Close your eyes and envision yourself as a being filled only with love, the energy of love moving through you, touching every cell, every organ, everything within your body.  If you are filled with love you have everything, all of the other gifts, all of the other attributes and fruits, which you mention frequently, such as: understanding, and compassion, patience, kindness, forgiveness.  These things spring forth from love.  Therefore, if you have love you have everything you need.  Do not dismiss the command to love one another as simple instruction, because if you sit with the command to love one another, you will find that it is rich, and deep, and powerful, all encompassing, because when you love you give the greatest thing you could give away.  When you love you give all that is held within love.  Be mindful of love today.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your capacity for love is limitless, endless.  You cannot love too much.  And, the more love you hold within you, the more it is possible to increase the love within you.  The only thing that will diminish the love within you will be the energies of a darker or shadowy nature, such as greed, anger, frustration, you can name them.  Anything you choose, other than the light, goes into the space where love should be.  At first, it is as a piece of dust; but, as these particles of dust begin to gather within your being, it is possible for the love to be greatly diminished.  Pay attention to what you are thinking, and doing, and saying.  Protect the energy of creation that is within you.  Protect The Breath of God that is within you.  Guard, with vigilance, the love that is within you.