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April 9, 2021



      Rise-up, and go outside, even while it is still dark, just before the dawn.  Watch, and wait, and you will see night, holding-on, even though the hour says it is day, just before dawn.  But then, light begins to push the night away.  It is the coming of the new day.  Your shoulders are lighter, your breath deeper, and your heart reaches-out to the gift of the new day.  Even in darkness, light is not far away.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you have ever watched the coming of a new day, you know the feeling.  You remember, watching night fade, as light embraced the day.  And as the light came forth, your breath was deeper.  A blessing of peace, settled within you, as light touched every point, far, and near, until you were bathed in the light, of the new day.  When you are caught in darkness and shadow, feeling alone, or afraid, remember that light, and bring it forth.  Be familiar with: the rising of the sun; the coming of the new day; and that sensation, you feel, as night slips away.  Remember, for that is what you are seeking to know.  When fear, frustration, worry, or doubt, darken your horizon, and threaten your day, bring forth the light.  For, no matter how dark it might be, light is never far away.


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