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August 1, 2020



      An interruption, in life, as you know it, is often the potential for growth, spiritual growth.  When the interruption is a major illness, the outcome, frequently, is a deeper appreciation: for life, all life; for relationships; for that which is important.  When the interruption is a financial setback, the outcome is often the wisdom to know that which you need, and that which is unnecessary.  Interruptions in life, as you know it, can often be the pivotal point in your life, upon Earth, when you have been called back to “center,” pointed in the right direction.  Look back at the times you have considered difficult, you might have considered a trial to walk through, and study the end result, because often the end result, of these situations, is: a deeper compassion for other people; a richer enjoyment of life on Earth; and, an understanding of what is necessary.  Today, focus on the real joys of life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When everything is taken away from you, and it appears as if you must begin again, usually, when you begin again, you are not so quick to amass things, that had once been important, or held significance for you.  You begin to look anew at what is important for you.  The baggage you carry is not so heavy.  Place value on all that you can see of this beautiful creation called Earth.  Look at it carefully, and see yourself as part of this great creation, and walk gently into this day, with gratitude upon your heart.  Appreciate that which is with you, today.