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August 1, 2021


      The temptation to speak ill, of another person, can be difficult, challenging, to resist.  And the result, of falling into that temptation, is grand in scope.  It is so powerful, that I cannot remind you too many times, to resist this temptation.  And one of the reasons, to resist this temptation, is this.  Every time, you speak, of another person, in a derogatory way, putting down, that which they say, or do, which you find offensive, in any way, you are adding power to what you cry-out, calling bad, or evil.  You are actually giving it power, because that is your focus, in this confirmation.  You are saying what it is to you, and by saying, what it is to you, you are confirming the energy, created by another.  And in another way, you are not only making it larger, and more powerful, by speaking of it, that, which the other person is creating, but you are also cursing the person, creating that energy.  You are making it more difficult for them to change their perspective, somewhat.  Because, here again, you are confirming, what you believe they are, what you believe they are saying, what you believe they are doing.  And by focusing your attention on that, in this derogatory way, you are making more powerful the things they do, and the things they say.  Resist this temptation.  When you are tempted, just quietly say, in your thoughts, “I bless them,” and let it be.  Let the focus be you and Me, and I will guide you.  Resist the temptation to speak ill of another person.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Pay attention to how people speak, all around you.  Pay attention to it.  And resist the temptation to join a person, or a group of people, who claim their cause is noble, yet freely curse other people, around them, by denigrating them, by mocking them, by cursing them.  You can do so much good, but do not stand, or walk, over other people, trying to reach the goal.  Because then, the noble cause is tainted, with darkness and shadow.  Do not speak ill of another person.  Keep your goal high, pure, free of any debris of darkness and shadow.  You can support your noble cause without denigrating other people.  Do it this way, and then it is pure, it is of The Light of God.  And do it all for The Glory of God.