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August 1, 2021


      “I AM with you.  We have another day.  You are upon the Earth, and you have the opportunity to accomplish something, today, for The Light, and The Glory, of God.  So, do not let this opportunity slip away.  I AM with you.  I will encourage you.  You will know where to go, and you will know the words to say, if you stay with Me, today.  Be at peace about this day, quietly say, ‘I will do good, today.’  And, let it remain that way.  Come, let us walk and talk, together.  Let us create this new day.           


      “As we walk, and talk, together, your focus, then, draws toward Me, as I AM focusing upon thee.  And, in that state, it is easy to be of Light, and do good.  There is no temptation to speak ill of others because, I would never tempt you, into darkness and shadow.  When we think of others, we bless them, and say, ‘Be at peace,’ ‘God be with you,’ blessing, not cursing.  The temptation, to speak ill of others, or what others might be doing, or saying, is a serious threat to you, to those of whom you are speaking.  You cannot speak ill of another, without tainting yourself.  You cannot speak ill of another, or what they are doing, or saying, without giving more power to what they are creating, because that is what you are focusing on.  And you cannot speak ill of another person, or others, without confirming what they are creating.  And while this might be difficult to accept, it is true.

      “If you continue to say that another person is bad, or evil, or wicked, or meanspirited, that makes those states, within them, grow.  They are more powerfully mean, or wicked, or evil, or meanspirited, because you are making it so.  But, if you resist this temptation, to speak ill of another person, or others, you are not adding to the power of their thoughts, or their words, or deeds.  And you can take it another step further, by blessing that person, or wishing them peace, quietly, when you think of that name.  Then, you are countering what they are thinking, saying, or doing, in a spiritually, energetic way.

      “Where your thoughts, words, and deeds, focus, is where your creative, energy goes to power that, which you are focusing upon.  It is simple, when you look and see, that, if you have a garden, of flowers, one on the right side of the sidewalk, and one on the left side of the sidewalk, you will notice, that where you focus your attention, that garden, that gets your attention, is more bountiful, and beautiful, and probably free of weeds.  The garden which does not receive your attention gets choked-out by the weeds, and it is less than bountiful, and less than beautiful.  Where you focus, goes the creative power.

      “Your spiritual energy can be used to counter darkness and shadow, by what you are thinking.  When you have a noble goal, do not taint it, by putting down other people.  Let your noble goal rise above gossip, and speaking ill of another, because when your goal, seems to be accomplished, by putting others down, it is wearing the robe, that you have wrapped around it: the robe of gossip, the robe of belittling, the robe of mocking.  Your noble goal is tainted because, that, which you created, was of darkness and shadow.  Let your noble goal remain noble, and pure, by creating it thus.  It is not necessary to put another down, for you to rise.  Rise, and be at peace, and wish all others, blessings of peace.  When you do this, you are countering their thoughts, words, and deeds, but you are doing it, using The Wisdom of Heaven, learning The Ways of God.”