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August 10, 2019

      NOTE:   Michael unexpectedly had to return to Mission Hospital in Asheville, Tuesday, August 6.  We have no release date, as of yet.  Audio portions of the daily messages will resume when he returns to The Quiet Place.  We ask for your continued prayers during this time.


      When you stumble upon a caterpillar it is often difficult to imagine that soon it will fly, that soon it will have the glorious colors of a butterfly, or the majestic wings of a luna moth.  Yet, that is exactly what happens.  Once the caterpillar leave the dirt, it flies into the sky, catching the attention of all who look and see the majesty of the color or the size of the wings.  Right now, you are walking upon the Earth.  You are of the dust of Earth; yet, there will come a time for change, and you will break the barriers of Earth, and take to the sky, flying, extending your wings, showing your colors, amazing all who will look and see.

                                                             And The Holy Spirit says:

      Do not doubt that from the lowliest creation can rise-up the most magnificent being.  Do not doubt, when you are down, when you are low, when you are crying, or seeking help, that there will come a day when you will break the bonds and chains, and set free all the magnificence you are to fly into the sky.  Do not doubt this is possible for others, as well.  So, when you see a caterpillar remember the butterfly, remember the moth.  When you see someone “down and out,” remember the butterfly, remember the moth.