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August 10, 2021



      Everything you do today can be blessed, and made sacred, in every way.  You can infuse your daily chores, and work, and play, by bringing Heaven to each project.  If you will take the opportunity to do that today, you will feel My Presence more profoundly, and your life will begin to change, for the better.  Before you work on the computer, bless your project.  Before you do anything, bless your project.  And set the intention that you infuse it, with the energies of Heaven.  You can do this.  Thus, making everyday tasks, and chores, of great value.  You can spend this day in the Heaven you create, by everything you do.  When you bless it, it becomes sacred.  Let all you do be so.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       No matter what you do today, or who you see, or where you go, you can infuse a piece of Heaven in your travels, or in your stay.  Take the opportunity to bless everything you do today, and you will feel the difference, and you will know The Way.