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August 11, 2019

      NOTE:   Michael unexpectedly had to return to Mission Hospital in Asheville, Tuesday, August 6.  We have no release date, as of yet.  Audio portions of the daily messages will resume when he returns to The Quiet Place.  We ask for your continued prayers during this time.


      So much going-on in the world around you takes place unseen, hidden from view.  Unless you take the time, or have the talents and gifts, and the proper tools to investigate, you do not know what is happening within the Earth, beneath the Earth, beneath the water, beneath the soil.  You do not know these things until the event occurs; and, without knowledge, and knowing, and talents, and gifts, and tools you will not know, until the tsunami threatens, until the volcano erupts, until the earthquake splits the Earth.  Take the time to look and see.  Take the time to understand that it is the same with the human body.  There is a lot going-on within the body of those you love, of acquaintances, of family, and of friends that you cannot see, because it is below the surface.  Unless you take the time to look, and have the talents, and gifts, and tools to check, the eruptions catch you off-guard.  You are unaware of what is happening within, hidden from view.  Take the time to look beneath the surface.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      The same packet of seeds can be sown in two garden plots.  As they are covered-up, with a thin layer of soil, you cannot see what is going on beneath the soil, you cannot know until the leaves break through the soil, and reward you with a beautiful garden.  But, the garden must be tended.  You must know that there are seeds there.  You must know when there are weeds there.  You must know when it needs water, and be there to provide this source of life, or the garden will not grow.

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