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August 11, 2019

      “I AM with you to bring you comfort, and peace, and wisdom.  I AM with you to show you The Way.  I AM with you to answer the words you do pray, the questions you ask.  I AM with you to be The Beacon in the dark.  I AM with you to be The Light.  I AM with you to bring you love.  I AM with you to show The Way to compassion and understanding.  I AM with you to encourage you to rise-up, and live beyond what is considered human standards, and your desire to do so will pierce the veil, and answers will flow to you, and you will walk the Earth, knowing who you are, why you are there, what you must do.  I AM with you.             


       “Today, I wish to speak to you of unseen signs.  You know that you are sent signs.  You know that these signs, which you are meant to learn, to read, and to follow are sent from the unseen realm to you, so that you might see the signs.  But I tell you, there are unseen signs all around you, which will require more of you than just to use your human eyesight. 

       “Much happens beneath the surface, beneath the waters of the oceans and seas, within the Earth.  And, sometimes what is happening can have a devastating result, unless you are trained to look and see, and read the measurements.  Unless you have equipment especially designed to measure what is happening beneath the waters, within the Earth, you will be surprised when the tsunamis fall upon you, and the Earth cracks beneath you, and the volcanoes erupt above you. 

      “It is possible to measure the movement of plates beneath the ocean, or on the shore.  And, when such movements take place, those who study these measurements have some advanced notice of a tsunami.  They can figure-out where it might strike and give those in its path time to move.  It is hidden.  It is beneath the surface.  So, to prepare you must know how to read the instruments, how to read the signs.  The same thing happens with earthquakes.  It is all within the Earth.  Yet, there are those willing to study the movement, beneath the Earth, and to measure these movements, in such a way, that they might be able to predict an earthquake in time to move the population before the Earth splits, and buildings fall.  The same thing happens with volcanoes.  It takes those individuals who have the knowledge of reading these signs, and studying the measurements, in such a way, that they can predict, and give advance notice that the volcano is going to erupt, thus saving lives all along the way.  On a lighter note, you can think of seeds, planted in a garden.  They are sown and ready to grow, only because of what happens beneath the soil, where you cannot see.  But soon, the signs of life break-through the upper crust, the dirt, and the garden flourishes; but, this happens only if the one who planted the seed is willing to weed the garden, to water the garden, to tend the garden so it might flourish; but, this garden began its life within the Earth, where you cannot see it.  It requires faith and trust that the seeds will sprout and grow.

      “Every human being, walking upon the Earth, has an interior capable of producing energies which at times can be devastating, or energies which at times can be elevating and beautiful.  The possibilities are there.  Take the time to look and see.  Listen to those around you, intently.  What are they saying?  How are they saying it?  What is their body language, and how do they move?  You can look for these signs, just as those who study the movement of the plates beneath the waters, within the Earth.  Every human being has seeds from Heaven.  You might not be able to see them.  Possibly the garden has not begun to flourish, because it has not been nourished with love, and compassion, and understanding.

      “I speak of these different scenarios so that you might take some time to understand that what is on the surface is only a piece of the whole, and that includes the individuals around you.  Be mindful, be prayerful, be loving and compassionate. 

      “Whenever there is an eruption, or a tsunami threatens to inundate the coast, you know it began beneath, beneath the water, within the Earth.  Whenever you see eruptions from individuals around you, know it began within.  Think on this, this week.  All is not what it appears to be on the surface.  You only see pieces and parts, until you are willing to look and listen, and measure the words with compassion, measure the actions with understanding, and measure the cries for help with love.”