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August 11, 2020



      The spirits of darkness and shadow, often come, like thieves in the night, crashing through your door of slumber, invading your peace, planting seeds, within you, of worry, and doubt, and fear, and anxiety.  Endure these troubled nights no longer.  When you find you cannot sleep, and thoughts of, doubt, and worry, and fear, and guilt, and shame, invade your peaceful dreams, treat these spirits of darkness and shadow as if they are robbers in the night, thieves in the night, and cast them from your domain.  Do not permit them to remain with you.  If they are bringing baggage, that has to do with past situations, sit on the edge of your bed, and forgive what needs to be forgiven, including yourself.  Pay no attention to those words rolling around in your head.  Take charge of the situation.  Forgive that which needs forgiving, and clear your head of doubt, or shame, or anxiety, of any kind.  It is often said that, with the morning sun, with the light of a new day, the troubles of the night seem to fade away.  Well, I tell you, with The Light of My Glory, these things that invade your rest, will fade away, too.  Call My Name.  Speak to Me.  Bring The Light to the situation invading you, and illuminate the thieves in the night.  And they will run, and they will hide, and you will be at peace, once again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Nights spent tossing, and turning, worrying about this and that, are difficult, trying, and leave you weary, and worn-out.  One of the things you can do, a positive step you can take, is to rise to the occasion, and understand that all, that is invading your peace, are spirits of darkness, and shadow, robbing you, stealing your tranquility, and serenity, taking peace from you.  Cast them from you, and do not let it continue.  Bring The Light of God to the situation.  Do not continue tossing, and turning, thinking it will go away.  There comes a time for action.  Usually, it is forgiveness.  Often, it is to cast the worriers from you, and bring The Light of God to the center of that night of turmoil, and you will find peace.  The spirits, of darkness, and shadow, that invade your night, can be cast from you, outright, by speaking The Name of God, and holding The Light that doth flow to you.