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August 11, 2021



      I wish for you to know The Way, and walk in it, so confidently, that there is no hesitation.  And this confidence will come to you when you bring every decision to Me.  I will show you The Way, and then, it is up to you, to walk in it, or not.  Do not let your forward progress stumble, and stall, because there are some around you saying that it will not work, it cannot work.  Do not let your forward progress stumble, or stall, because of some around you, who questions what you are doing.  I sent a Counselor to guide you.  There is no need to question.  Complete your destiny.  Follow.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM here, within you.  Do not let the doubt of others cloud your vision, as well.  For, I will not fail you.  And, if you feel as if you are in chaos, wearing shroud of doubt, fearful of what you should do next, you must clear yourself of all this negativity, unclean spirits, some cast upon you, by the doubt of others, some created, within you, as you listened, and accepted the doubt of others.  The Way will be made clear for you, but first you must do what is necessary to do to keep yourself clear, and sit in prayer about all decisions, needing to be addressed.  Come, sit, and be at peace.