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August 12, 2020


      Some days will come to you, and you will wish they would remain.  Some people will come to you, and you will wish that they would stay.  Some times will come to you, and you would wish that you could hold them in place, forever.  But creation is meant to flow, and days, and people, and times are meant to come and go.  It does not stand still, creation lives.  See it so, and bless and celebrate the coming and the going, as each is flowing with eternity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not attempt to hold a day in place, for the day will fade away.  Do not attempt to hold a person with you, for the time comes when they must go.  Do not attempt to hold an event, a certain time of history, in place, because it all comes and goes.  The only way to hold them within you is: to commit the day to your spirit; when it is time for that person to go, commit the love, and joy, and happiness, that was there, to your spirit; commit the glorious events in your life to your spirit.  These things you will carry with you, the memories, the commitment within your spirit.