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August 12, 2021



      I reach-out, and gather you, into the protection, of My arms, and My love for you, and especially those, at this time, whose hearts are tender, and quick to tear, to cry.  I gather the wounded, and hold you, and touch your heart, and heal it, in My light.  I heal you so that you might rise-up, and walk, amongst your brothers and sisters, and give to them that which you desire.  I heal your heart, so you might heal others, with My love, and My light.  Do not turn away from those who are crying in the night.  Turn on the light of My love.  I gather each of you, into My arms, and protect you, and hold you, and love you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not allow the wounded amongst you to go hungry for love.  God will touch your heart, at the right time, and send you forth, to do the same, carrying the power of God, within you, the power of love, and the power of light, so that you might feed the wounded, who are starving for love, with a gentle word, and a bit of God’s light.  What they can hold, and what they can stand, will be enough, for their weary hand.  And when you depart, and when you go, there will come a whisper, within them, and they will know, that they were kissed by God.