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August 13, 2020



      My sons and daughters, Love is The Answer to every situation you will ever encounter.  Your Brother Jesus delivered these words, with clarity, about those you must Love.  And included in that group, was, “Love your enemy.”  The wise, and the mindful, have repeated these words over all of the years.  Love is The Answer.  But the solution falls on ears, which are covered with (the) hands, which refuse to hear.  It seems too simple.  You are looking for more complex answers, when The Answer is not complex, it is simple.  You have The Answer.  There is a reason why you should be filled with Love, why you should seek, first, all answers in Love, and it has to do with your well-being.  If you are filled with Love, then Love is the filter through which all, that you see, and hear, and feel, passes.  If that which you see is filtered with the Love within thee, your life is different than it is if your filter is anger, or hatred, or guilt, or shame, or anxiety.  Look at the world with eyes of Love, and your experience of Earth will be an experience filtered by Love.  It is that simple.  It is the truth.  Love will show you The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you encounter anger or you are tempted to be anxious, or fearful, pay attention.  Do not be enfolded, and wrapped, with anger, or anxiety, or fear.  It is at these times when you draw God nearer to you.  Trust, believe, that you are more powerful than all the anger, and the anxiety, and the fear, that is tempting you.  Let Love be that which you are creating within you, and do not open your eyes, or your hands, or your arms, or your heart, to anger, or hatred, or anxiety, or fear.  Refuse it.  When it knocks on your door, do not give it entrance.  Create Love within yourself.  Know it is The Answer, and act as if you know it is The Answer.  And as you build Love, as you create Love, as you believe that Love is The Answer, that which you see and hear, you will see and hear through the eyes of Love.  And your Earth experience will be of Love.  Choose wisely that which you use as a filter, that which you accept and create within yourself.  God has said, Love is The Answer.  God sent The Living Word to deliver The Answer.  Be amongst those who embrace The Answer, and let Love abide within you.


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