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August 13, 2021



      I wish for you to know how to love all people.  You know that I AM love.  I do not have to try to love, because I AM love.  And you can do the same.  Train your heart to dwell in love, and the exercise, with which you do this, is to talk to yourself, each day, and keep yourself in a loving way, by being kind, and considerate.  Love will grow, within you, and then you just walk into a room, and love radiates from you, touching all you encounter, without saying a word, because in the work you do to create love, within you, you are working toward being love.  Being love, that is the goal.  And that is The Way you can love all you encounter, throughout the day.  Be love.  I send My love out, and those, who wish to embrace it, embrace it.  Embrace My love.  Take it within you.  Magnify My love, that is now, within you, with words of love, coming from you.  In that way you are creating a new love energy, the combination of My love, and your love.  And it is powerful.  Stoke the fire, so it burns, and consumes.  Feel it growing.  Love, within you, will consume any darkness and shadow, and it will be taken from you, because of the new energy of love created within you. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Turn toward God.  Open yourself, and breathe deeply, and draw in the love that is God.  And that love, that is within you, that is God, can be magnified by you, and your intention, and everything you think, and say, and do.  But it can also be diminished by you, and your intention, or desire in thoughts, words, and deeds, as well.  This is something you do, actively creating, actively magnifying the love, that is God, that is within you.  Hold the gift.  It is sacred, and holy.  But do not let it stop there.  Create, with God, a more powerful love, and that love will be you.  You will be love.