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August 14, 2020



      When you choose to incorporate a regimen of stretching, and reaching, and bending, and twisting, into your exercise program, the result is a healthier, toned, and flexible body.  It is good for your body.  But over-stretching, over-reaching, and bending, and twisting, can damage parts of your body.  Therefore, you do this reaching gradually, carefully, pushing the limit ever so slightly, but stopping before any damage is done.  And when you do this, you do not incorporate this regimen of reaching for someone else’s body.  You do it for your own body, so your own body will be more flexible and open.  When you stretch your spiritual body, your spiritual body opens, wide, reaches far from your physical body, and people feel your presence.  They come to know your spirit, and feel its presence, before they turn to see your physical body.  Stretch your spiritual body with prayer.  Twist, and turn, and bend, reaching for a better connection with Me, and your spiritual body will be flexible, and healthy, and your physical body will follow the lead of your spiritual body.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are reaching, and stretching, twisting, and bending, to improve your own body, do not reach, or stretch yourself out, to alter the course of somebody else’s body.  Do not over-stretch.  Do not over-reach.  You cannot stretch, and reach, for another.  Do not try to do so.  Stretch, and reach, for yourself.  Stretch your body, it will be flexible.  Stretch your spirit, drawing to a closer connection with God, and your spiritual body will be flexible, and open.  But do not step into someone else’s territory, and try to make them stretch, and reach.  This is something you do for yourself, for your physical body, and your spiritual body.  Stretch, reach, bend, move, and connect with God today.