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August 14, 2021



      I wish for you to know The Way is set before you.  And even when this is so, it still requires focus, so that you can go, on your way, without falling, or stumbling.  Do not be distracted from that, which is set before you.  It is the path for you.  Do not veer to the right, or to the left.  Stay on the path that is meant for you.  Sometimes it will appear fluid, as water.  Sometimes it will appear, as ice.  Sometimes it will appear, as sand, golden.  Sometimes it will appear, as grass, green.  But the path will be clear, because it is set, before you.  Pay attention.  Be mindful.  Resist distraction, and move, through the day. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are driving a car, or even a bicycle, riding a bicycle, you pay attention to where you are going, because, if you look off to the right, or left, you attention goes right, or left, and soon you find you car has veered right, or left, and the same with the bicycle.  And you can apply this, to your spiritual direction.  You can apply this, to focus.  Distraction will lead you off in another direction.  Pay as much attention to your spiritual direction as you do to your vehicle, when you are driving, to your bicycle, when you are riding, and even to walking.  If you do not know where you are going, if you are not watching where you are going, you will bump into something, or you will stumble, and fall.  Take these everyday lessons, these practices, and apply them, to your spiritual direction.  Stay focused.  Resist distraction.