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August 15, 2019

       NOTE:   Michael unexpectedly had to return to Mission Hospital in Asheville, Tuesday, August 6.  We have no release date, as of yet.  Audio portions of the daily messages will resume when he returns to The Quiet Place.  We ask for your continued prayers during this time.


      Do not permit doubt and worry to weave a web around and throughout you, holding you prisoner, as you become entangled and ensnared in a shadowy place.  When you doubt you can do something, you rarely do it.  When you worry about something, you are distracted from doing anything.  Do not permit yourself to be held captive by these energies, because they will draw your focus, and you will use all your energy creating more doubt, more worry.  When you are tempted to doubt you can do something, focus your energy on finding The Way to do it.  When you are tempted to worry about something, or someone, focus your energy on The Way to bring peace to it.  Be mindful of the energies you choose to use, for I will not fill you with doubt, and I will not fill you with worry.  I will fill you with My Light, for you are My child.

                                                            And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you are standing in The Light of God you are not afraid, because there is no fear within The Light of God.  Within The Light of God there is love.  The farther you move from The Light of God you begin to encounter shadow and darkness.  Within shadow and darkness spirits of doubt and worry will tempt you, and soon you find you are locked in place, gripped with fear, unable to move.  It takes practice to resist these temptations, and it takes resolve to begin the practice; however, if you set your intention to focus on The Light, you will soon see The Way: to do that which you doubted you could do; and, to calm the troubled waters of worry with peace.  You have already taken a step forward when you begin to see how tiring these energies can be, how heavy they weigh upon you.  Those who are willing to look and see, soon become enlightened, and the fingers of fear hold them no longer.  Choose The Light of God.