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August 15, 2020



      Listening is the powerful piece of conversation, of communication, that is missing from conversation, and communication, today.  Instead, conversation, and communication, seems to have taken a turn, and now, it could be easily termed, declaration, proclamation.  If two, or more, people, are engaged in conversation, communication, it is often the case that they are all saying what they want to say, and sometimes doing so very loudly, but no one is listening.  Therefore, once the conversation is ended, once the communication ceases, each participant knows what they know, but they do not know what the other knows.  Therefore, even though they have come together, they are locked in isolation, because they will not listen.  Today, listen to what those around you say, and your conversations, your communication, will begin to be broader, in scope, fill you with interest, and you will know the heart of another person, all because you were willing to listen.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Just as in conversations, that are mainly individuals, stating their position, but not taking the time to listen, if you are not careful prayer will take that same road.  Oh, you will pray, and you will pray many times a day, and you will pray long, and hard.  But will you listen?  The answer comes to every prayer.  Most often, before the prayer is complete, the answer is delivered.  But you cannot hear, The Whisper of God, unless you are still, and quiet, and prepared to listen.  Listen.  Listen, not only with your ears, but with your heart, because the answer could come in a knowing; in a feeling; in a message, delivered by another, or others.  But the answer will come if you but listen.


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