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August 15, 2021


      You can talk about, the wind.  You can have conversations, about the aspects, of the wind.  But you can only feel the wind, and know the wind, when it is with you, when it encircles you, when it moves over you, when it caresses you.  The wind can rise-up, and the wind can settle down.  The wind can carry seeds, and spread them, all around.  The wind can bring the rain, and blow away, the storm.  The wind can cool you off, when you are hot, or too warm.  But then, the wind does settle down, and what is left, for you to say, is what the wind did, on that particular day.  But you remember, always will, how it felt, when all was still, and then, the wind did rise-up, and touch you, in a sacred way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      I AM The Wind.  I move, and you feel My presence, with you.  I bring, to you, The Wisdom of Heaven, held in The Wind.  It is as if I AM bringing seeds, to scatter all around, but the seeds, that I carry, in The Wind, I sprinkle, upon you.  And they are there, to grow, in what you think, and say, and do.  I AM The Wind, and I settle, within you.