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August 15, 2021



      “I AM with you.  It is possible for us to be together, all of the time.  It is possible for Me to be with you, as you work, and play, as you sleep, and pray.  As you do all things, I AM with you.  Do not be distracted, by what others might say, about this communion, between you and Me.  It is true, and you can feel it.  You know it, from within.  Deep within, you know, I AM with you.  Let us walk together today, and see, what is just around the bend.  It is a new day for you.  Let us make it a glorious day.  Come, and I will show you The Way.                

“When I walked upon the Earth, thousands of years ago, I noticed, the power of the wind.  It was what propelled the ships, and the little boats, over the sea.  And the skilled ones knew, how to use the wind, and take them, to where they wanted to be, on the other side of the sea.  For one who looks, and is still enough, you will notice, that the wind, can shake the grasses, and the leaves on the trees, and gather the seeds, and carry them, for miles.  And then, spread them all around, on the ground.  Thus, planting what was in one place, to grow in another.  And the wind can carry these seeds, a very far distance, from where they began.  The wind can bring, the rain, the clouds.  The wind can blow away the storms.  The wind can be as a gentle breeze, and cool you off, when you are too warm.  The wind can, shake your clothing, and make all things rise-up, and ride upon the wind.  Watch the leaves, falling from the trees, they are riding the wind.  And watch the animals, observe the wind.  They pause, and lift-up their heads, as if they are sniffing, breathing-in, the wind. 

      “I saw all these things upon the Earth, and many more things.  But watching a field of grain, as the wind blows through it, is like seeing a golden sea.  And these seeds, are carried, on the wind, too.  Look at a lake, and see the wind pass over it, and the water rise-up, to be part of it, the wind.

      “I observed the wind, often, when I walked upon the Earth.  There are so many aspects of what the wind can do.  But what I would like to leave you with, this morning, is thinking of The Holy Spirit of God as The Wind, and realizing what all The Wind, can bring to you, settle into you.  Every aspect of the wind, that is of climate, on the Earth, can be applied to The Spirit of God as The Wind, and what it does for you.  It can lift you up, and plant you, where you need to be.  And it can cool you, and caress you, as you sit beneath a tree.  Open your heart, your spirit, and soul, and ride The Wind.