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August 16, 2020



      Each person, upon the Earth, has been given the same gift.  My Spirit has been given to you.  And while it might remain a mystery to you, it is still My gift to each of you.  But you must choose to use the guidance of The Spirit within you.  It waits.  My Spirit waits to give guidance, to give direction, so that you might taste the Wisdom of Heaven, as you walk upon the Earth.  It is often necessary to be still, and quiet, to hear the direction, but it is there, waiting for you to choose The Wisdom of Heaven within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM within you, each one of you.  As The Wind blows around each of you, without consideration of who you are, I AM within you, without consideration of: who you are; what you have; your rank; or, your social position.  I AM within you, a gift, guidance, direction.  But I will not force you to take The Path, to follow the guidance, to adhere to the direction, for you have another gift, The Gift of Free Will, and you must choose.  But it is good for you to remember that I AM present, within you.