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August 16, 2020



      “I AM with you.  Some will try to tell you that this is not possible, that it is in your imagination, that it is not true.  And I say to you, I AM with you.  It is not necessary for you to know, at this time, how this is possible.  In faith, you know it, you feel, it moves into you, and it is truth, unseen, but true.  There will come a day when you will know how it is possible, but today the ‘how’ is not important.  What is important is, it is possible.                                       


      “You each have been given the gift of Heavenly Wisdom.  It is within you in the form of The Spirit of God, and no one can take that Heavenly Wisdom from you.  But you must choose to use this Heavenly Wisdom.  You must choose to use this Golden Compass.  It is there within you, waiting.  Some of you might hesitate, and the hesitation comes from the energy of fear, and doubt, because you do not want to choose to use that Golden Compass, or that Heavenly Wisdom, in the event that it might lead you into a difficult situation.  And it very well could, an uncomfortable situation.  The Heavenly Wisdom, might whisper to you, at a very important meeting, when an oral count is taken, that in a sea of a ‘yes’ vote, you might be called to rise, and say, ‘no.’  This is possible.  It is uncomfortable.  But sometimes, when you are called to do something very difficult, and challenging, in a place where you feel you will be the only one standing, once you listen to The Heavenly Wisdom of The Holy Spirit, and make the choice to follow, and to use that wisdom, which has been given to you, you turn around, and others begin to stand with you, because you have spoken eternal truth.  And eternal truth crashes through the lies, and distortion, of the ways of the world, and plants a seed, from which a mighty tree, shall grow, and will grow.  Everyone might not join you, but those hearing Heavenly Wisdom, coming from you, without anger, or hatred, but just a resolve to follow the guidance of The Holy Spirit within you, will respect what you say. 

      “The Spirit of God will not lead you into anger, or hatred, but show The Way with compassion, and understanding.  Words do not need to be belligerent to deliver the truth.  The truth can be spoken in a whisper, which will be heard around the world.

      “I encourage you to listen to what The Holy Spirit within you is guiding you to do, to say, because the instant you say, ‘I will,’ you will be filled with the courage, and the strength, to follow through.  In such cases, the gift of discernment will also be with you, because as you are willing to rise, and say what you are being guided to say, you will recognize love filling the words, because Heavenly Wisdom does not ride on the shoulders of: anger, or hatred, or vengeance, or retaliation;  they are simple truth from The Dimension of Perfection.  And when others hear simple truth, it is recognized as just that.  There is no need to embellish the truth.  The truth will stand on its own.  If you will stand on your own, the truth shall be with you. 

      “Use the guidance of The Holy Spirit within you.  Do not wander the Earth, feeling you are lost, and alone, when The Golden Compass of God is within you.  It will take you to places you would never choose to go, without being guided to do so.  But when you arrive, you will know what to say, and you will know what to do, because the Heavenly Wisdom is within you.  It is a different adventure.  It is the journey of your lifetime.  It is riding upon The Wind.  It is speaking, and knowing, The Ways of God.”