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August 16, 2021



      When you are driving into, and through, a tunnel, you turn the lights on, so that others might see your vehicle, and you might see the way to safely pass, through the tunnel, into the sunlight, once again.  You would not enter the tunnel without turning on the lights to your vehicle.  It would be dangerous, for you, and others, for the occupants of your vehicle.  Pause, and think, on this.  When you are in a dark place, trying to get out of the dark place, into the light, once again, do not stumble in darkness.  Turn on your light, the light, that is within you, and let it be the light that guides you to safety.  And let it be the light that others see, as well, so they receive a sign from you.  You are never the only one, walking in darkness, so turn on your light.  Do not stumble and fall.  Turn on your light, and then progress, through the darkness, until you are in full light, again.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Every time that, shadow, and darkness, seems to envelope you, remember what you do when you go into a tunnel, driving a vehicle.  Remember that, so it is a sign to you, to stop, and turn on the light, that is within you, even if it is a flicker.  Fan it, fan the ashes of the light within you, until it is a flame.  Fan the ashes, or the flicker, with a prayer.  Speak the name of God, and the flame will grow higher, and higher, and you will make it through the shadow and darkness, and you will be a light for others, and your light will show The Way.