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August 16, 2022




      Do not subject yourself to the stranglehold of fear.  For, permitting the energy of fear, to stay, within your presence, will lead you, into a place, where you do not live fully.  Fear is not good.  It is not a productive energy.  Fear can stifle your imagination.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of illness and disease.  Fear for your children.  If you will be still, and listen, I will give you the antidote for fear.  Instead of fearing the unknown, be positive about the present.  Live fully in the present, and that which is unknown, in the present, will not plague you, will not rile you, because you are too busy living, in the present.  As you live, in the present, you know the present.  Therefore, that, which is with you, in the present piece of eternity, is known by you, because it is your experience.  The present is everchanging.  It is not locked into place.  One present piece of eternity, after another, comes to you, and in the process of your lifetime, upon Earth, you live it, you experience it.  It is known to you.  So, do not fear the unknown, know the present piece of eternity, with you.  Do not curtail your activities, because of your fear of a disease, or illness, which might come to you.  Live your life, in such a way, that you create a healthy body, soul, and spirit.  Create a thriving environment, within the landscape of your body, so that you are too busy, tending the garden of good health, to be lulled into worry, and fear, of something which does not exist, in the present.  Do not fear for your children.  Focus on raising healthy, well-balanced, happy children.  Be present, with your children.  Be loving, and kind, and show them a way of living, which lifts them up, gives them confidence, courage, strength.  Do not fall into the negative energy of fear, when you can live in the present, without fear, focusing on that which is good.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       If allowed, the dark cloud of fear, looming over you, will descend upon you, draping itself over your shoulders, limiting your forward progress, holding you in place, like a shroud.  Reject the energy of fear, and focus on the positive, living in the present piece of eternity, today.