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August 18, 2019

      NOTE:   Michael unexpectedly had to return to Mission Hospital in Asheville, Tuesday, August 6.  We have no release date, as of yet.  Audio portions of the daily messages will resume when he returns to The Quiet Place.  We ask for your continued prayers during this time.


      If you are alive today, if you wake-up today, you have the opportunity to begin blessing all you see.  Let the first response, which pours from your thoughts, through your heart, over your lips, and out into the world be, “I bless thee.”  It does not matter whether it is a tree, or a person, or a building, or an issue or situation, “I bless thee.”  If that becomes, through practice, your first response to anything, then you will find, in short time, you are blessing yourself out of darkness, out of shadow, out of troublesome, sleepless nights.  Saying, “I bless thee,” repeatedly begins to bring peace, because it if filled with blessings.  You are filling the world with blessings.  Your nights will be filled with stars, and memories, and wonders; and, as you say, “I bless thee,” the night will shine.  The days, which once might have been difficult and challenging, will become glorious occasions for celebration, when all throughout the day you are filling it with blessings.  It can be no other way, My child.  When you walk upon the Earth, blessing all things you are creating a garden of blessings all around you.  I send you My blessing.  I bless thee.  I shower thee with grace.

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

      Each day is the opportunity to move from frustration, or anger, or miseries of any kind into a practice of blessing.  “I bless you.”  “I bless thee.”  “I bless that song.”  “I bless you bird.”  “I bless you elderly man.”  These words will become your first response, once you practice a bit.  Consider this.  What do you wish to do today?  I would suggest to spend the day saying, “I bless thee.”


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