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August 18, 2021


      Process, and procedure.  There is always a defined way to accomplish a goal.  You find it easy to follow directions, when you are traveling, from one point, to another, and you have never traveled that road before.  You follow the direction.  You do not start, your journey, and end it, immediately.  You must travel, the highways, and byways, to reach the destination, that could be hundreds of miles from your door.  You do not crack an egg, and add some flour, and put it in the oven, to cook, to bake.  You must follow the recipe to prepare it for the baking.  You must follow the direction, so that you might arrive, at your destination.  There is process, and procedure, that leads you to your goal, that leads you to accomplish that which you wish to do.  And it is the same with your spiritual life.  You must practice being still, and quiet, so you can hear, the guidance, and direction, which will lead you, one step at a time, toward the goal of comprehension, and enlightenment.  And while you might walk, with many others, the process, and procedure, is a solitary state.  You go within, and pass through the gate, leaving those you are walking with, so you might see, what you need to see, and hear, what you need to hear, so you might go, where you need to go.  Spiritual advancement, process, and procedure, practice.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The athlete does reach the desired goal, immediately.  An athlete is tried and tested on the field, in the arena, until, through process, and procedure, and practice, the physical goal is attained.  And it is the same with your spiritual goals.  You do not begin with ultimate accomplishment.  It is a journey, and you will be tried, and tested, on the field, and in the arena.  And, after much practice, the goal will be accomplished.  You will live as an enlightened being.  And, all that happens, around you, in the world created by man, will not sway you, or knock you down, because your strength, is within, where you found true guidance.  Process.  Procedure.  Practice.