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August 19, 2021



      Resist the temptation to fall into the ways of the world today, concerning yourself with what is going on here, or there, engaging in arguments, verbal battles.  Choose to turn from that, for this day, and let your eyes seek out nature, Mother Earth, in all her glory.  Sit, as a child would sit, on the grass, and watch the worms, move in and out of the soil.  Walk amongst the trees, in quiet, and hear them speaking, the language of trees.  Go into nature, wherever you are, and stories of creation will fill you, with awe and wonder.  And when the end of the day arrives, and the sky above you is filled with stars, look up, and see, so you might know, the glory all around thee.  This is what is important.  Connect with that, that grows from Mother Earth.  Connect with those you encounter.  Connect in a spiritual way, and you will bless, and make sacred, this day, that is with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, to avoid that, which must be addressed, within you, you turn on the music, you join groups of chattering people, you make noise, to drown out the whispers, from within you.  I AM within you.  I hold The Wisdom of Heaven.  Do not drown it out, with chaos, and confusion.  Sit, and let it be, and I will guide thee, until you hold wisdom, in your heart, and dedication, in your hands.  And the lesson goes with you, as you go out, and meet, your brothers and sisters, on the highways, and the street.  But first, sit, and gain the wisdom, so that is what you deliver.  Sit with Me.