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August 2, 2019



      I give you a gentle reminder, so you might remember, and remember early in the day, that you are spirit, first!  You are meant to experience Earth as spirit, wearing an Earth body, so that you might have full experience, so that your spirit might know: the taste of an apple, through your body; so your spirit might know the touch of a tree, the feeling of the bark, the tenderness of the leaf, through your body; so that spirit might know the gentle kiss on the lips of one you love, through your body; so spirit might know how it feels to hold a child, through your body.  This is how you are meant to experience Earth.  Fill your spirit, with the goodness of Earth, through your body!

                                                           And The Holy Spirit says:

      When you walk upon the Earth, fully in your spirit, directing your body: to pick-up this, to move that, to walk here, to sit there, to be still, to sing and dance, this Earth experience is above all other things, because when you do it… in such order, you are following The Divine Plan… spirit first, and let the body follow!