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August 2, 2020



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you, and you can hear Me, and feel Me, because we are one.  We are one.  We are one in spirit; therefore, there is the possibility of communication between us.  But communication is impossible, between two parties, if one party does not take part.  This requires belief.  This requires you set aside all the doubt, and open the door, as I knock, and say, I AM with you, today.                                      


      “It is important for you to place great value on who you are.  It is important for you to feel that you are sacred, that you are ‘of God,’ that you have great value and worth.  It is important for you to get to know who you are, the spirit that is you, the spirit that animates the body of dust you wear, temporarily.  Once you honor yourself it is possible to show respect and honor for others.  It usually follows that, when you respect yourself, you respect others.  But if you wish to have an extraordinary spiritual experience upon Earth, get to know that spirit that is you, that sacred spirit that is you, and then, you will recognize the sacred spirit in others.  But until you recognize it in yourself, it is almost impossible to recognize it another.  You remain on the physical level, never going higher.  Once you connect with your spiritual presence, the spirit that is you, and you begin to communicate with yourself, on this higher level, relationships change, totally, because there is respect for the sacredness of who you are, and who all those around you are.  Once this recognition is in place, that which you say to others changes, as well. 

      “Do not say anything to another person that you would not welcome, and embrace, when it is said to you.  This comes easy for those who have recognized their own sacred state.  And in honoring, and respecting, another, you would never choose to throw words, that are mean of spirit, or course.  You would hold your words to be a blessing upon that eternal spirit that you recognize in the individual standing before you.  And once this journey, into a higher living state, begins to take hold within you, you no longer connect only physically, but the time will come when you connect spiritually, first, with every individual you encounter.  It will become easy practice, for the spirit that is you, to greet the spirit standing before you, with honor and respect. 

      “Know who you are.  Treat others the way you would wish to be treated.  And to do these things, it is important to make the connection with who you are, on the spiritual, eternal level.  The higher living experience will come when you no longer feel the physical identity is all there is.  Do not be limited with the thought that you are, ‘only human.’  You are spirit.  Begin to live spiritually, first; and greet and treat others around you spiritually, first.”