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August 2, 2021



      Surrender.  Relax.  Come into My Love, flowing constantly, unabated, and I will lift you up, for in the surrender, you are surrendering all your fears, and doubts, and anxieties, and worries.  Surrender.  Give them to Me, and I will hold you, and you will be free, relaxed, floating in The River of My Love for thee.  It is the only way to be at peace.  Give all your concerns to Me, and come, into The River of My Love for thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are learning to float, on the water, your teacher tells you to relax, be still, surrender your fear, or worry, that you will drown, put your head back, and breathe.  And once you have accomplished, all that is asked of you, in that particular situation, you are floating, on the water.  You are buoyed by the power of the water, which is holding you, and lifting you up.  Do the same with God.  Relax.  Surrender all your worries, and fears, and concerns, and put your head back, and you will be enfolded in The River of God’s Love, and you will find peace there.  Be at peace.